Monday, October 19, 2015

What's Bruin in My Mailbox? Episode I

Please pardon the awful pun, but from time to time I check eBay for any dirt cheap deals on good memorabilia cards. 99.99% of the time, I'm bidding based on two criteria;
  1. The item in question is below $3
  2. The item in question features a Hartford Whaler and/or a Boston Bruin
Considering that Whalers relics are going for quite the pretty penny recently, I've decided to jump on as many cheap Bruins cards as I can find and this week I was able to purchase four. However, as of today (Monday) only three have reached my doorstep, though I'd still like to feature them and save the fourth (and in my opinion, best of the bunch) card for a later post. You know you've struck a good deal when shipping costs less than $5 and still overshadows the price of the item itself.

2006-07 Upper Deck SPx Winning Materials: Cam Neely

While I did love the Hartford Whalers more growing up, Cam Neely was still one of my favorite hockey players. What couldn't you like about him? He was one of the few guys who could stampede an opposing defenseman and go in and score; fifty times a season! While the patch is bland, it's still a great card and my first game-used Neely card in my collection.

2010-11 Upper Deck Black Diamond Quad Jerseys: Blake Wheeler

I did not like Blake Wheeler during his time in Boston. Not. One. Bit. I thought he never played physical and wasn't as good as he was hyped. However, even I had to admit this card was pretty sweet and for .99 cents, I couldn't argue against it. Though, there is a "tear" for lack of a better term, over the "U" in Quad Jerseys. Not really a big deal and not that noticeable.

2002-03 Upper Deck Foundations Canadian Heroes Cam Neely #058/150

Now THIS is the best of the three and even challenges the mystery fourth card as the best of the bunch. This snazzy Neely card comes from a set that I have no other cards from and is even numbered to 150! Cool! I mean, I guess I could complain about the dullness of the jersey swatch, but who am I kidding; this card rocks!

Now it's off to eBay to look for some more dirt cheap deals!

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  1. Great finds, I agree with you that the last Neely there is particularly awesome!